We discuss with you what you want to convey in your film.

We take great care in finding original and visually exciting ways of telling your ‘story’.

After talking and looking at other relevant material (such as your website and literature), we come up with a proposal for your film.

If you agree, we visit the location and come up with a shooting plan.

We arrange a convenient day to come and shoot the film and organise what we will need for the shoot.

Then it’s....

We are as discreet and accommodating as possible.

Hopefully you’ll hardly notice we’re there. Fitting in with your working environment and filming any interviews necessary at your convenience.

Delivery in ALL FORMATS on DVD

1                                                                                                   The BRIEF

2                                                                                       The SHOOTING DAY

After the shoot we assemble the material into a rough cut. There may be a few minor tweaks and additions, and when these are done we produce a ‘final cut’.

The final cut is then sent to the sound mix and when the sound is complete the film is colour graded so that it becomes a thing of beauty.

The film is now complete and we deliver it to you in every format you need. It can play on a DVD player, computer, the internet - the quality will be such that it would project very nicely on a cinema screen too if you so wish!



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